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The most requested finishes

Always attentive to the pursuit of elegant and timeless aesthetic taste, Elli presents color proposals in the sample collection that are absolutely in line with the latest trends in the world of design and furnishings.

Among the most sought-after and popular color combinations of the moment, the fine President finish (dark-stained ash wood) stands out, is often proposed in combination with Titanium lacquered accessories. These colours are mostly used for the accessories, for the doors of the cabinets with Naxos frame and smoked glass and for the bookcases.

Another very welcome combination is the Live Ash light wood (slightly bleached natural finish) together with the open-pore Neve PL30 lacquer for doors and drawers.

The open pore lacquered finishes are more in demand than the smooth ones, due to their ability to tell a true history, that one of the original wood used for the veneer with which all the furniture proposals of the Elli collection are made. Among the most requested colours we find: Neve PL30, Dakar, Creta and Ghiaccio.
These are timeless color shades that adapt to any type of furniture and thanks to their versatility, they are always elegant, refined and current.