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Italian design manufacturer since 1957

Artisanal experience

The company tradition dates back to the early 1900s, deriving from the first artisanal and proto-industrial experiences of the Elli family. The natural evolution of the first artisan works, the company was founded in 1957 by the three brothers Tarcisio, Alfredo and Enrico, sons of Luigi. The family traditions and the company know-how originate from the long company history in Italian design furniture, made up of efficient cooperation, contacts and competition with the best players in the sector.

The 50s

Thanks to the artisanal experience that the Elli brothers developed over the years, they began to design and produce furniture on their own.

The 60s

The company quickly reached an industrial dimension thanks to the progressive design ideas and strong commitment of the three founders.

The 70s

Uncommon diligence and passion for innovation led to the development of the first modular system with the honeycomb structure, thus reaching the highest levels of quality and reliability. Elli’s product offering increases to include a comprehensive honeycomb system even feauturing stable perimeter finishes made of solid wood. These factors have guaranteed, over time, the success and reliability of Elli products. 

The 80s

The company further widens its product offering with kids’ bedrooms while the second generation gradually gets involved in the company. Not only the size and capacity of the company grow, but an innovative organizational system is also introduced with modern approaches to production efficiency, commercial service and customized products.

The 90s

Elli launches a special furniture system for the living area in addition to new accessories, models and technical solutions. The high quality of the honeycomb structure and efficient work techniques are extended to every room of the house.

The 2000s

Elli develops additional new models and finishes to further strenghtens its offering in every space of the house. The company also expands its dealers network acquiring customers abroad which often serve as a touchpoint to manufacture large projects (residential, commercial, office). 

The 2010s

Elli organises itself to better deal with the increasing number of international projects and it keeps on increasing its presence on the Italian market. Furthermore, it is among the first companies to introduce water-based paints: a clear signal of the company’s care for our planet. Another step in this direction is taken in the late 2010s with both the implementation of specic programs aimed at reducing waste and the installation of photovoltaic cells producing more than 500KW. 

The 2020s

The company completes its proposal with modern, high-quality melamine finishes that integrate the product range and flank the honeycomb structures, the company’s showpiece since its foundation. In order to manufacture these high tech and fresh finishes as efficiently as possible, Elli has added an additional wing to the production site to house technologically advanced and interconnected machines. However, this machinery supports the job of Elli workers whose well-established experience is strongly treasured by the company. 


The third generation has joined the company and has brought innovative and fresh solutions to the product offering. The company’s presence on foreign markets is also strengthened, especiallly through the design and the production of entire projects. The company is now able to fully satisfy all the requests of its customers, while maintaining the high quality and strong professionalism that have always distinguished it. 

Family and efficiency

The family has always been engaged in the business with a particular propensity for innovation, pioneering techniques and design. The company chooses the best components, materials, stakeholders and this is only the first step to achieve the highest quality. In order to conquer customers in a competitive market, organisational efficiency and operational immediacy are needed and can only be achieved with the constant presence and direct commitment of the Elli family. The aim is to ensure that Elli keeps an agile and lean dimension in the future and further improves its organization which must first represent its people.