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Colours Collection – Catalog

The Colours Collection finishes are introduced by the new Finishes Catalog. You can ask a copy of it to your reference agent or personally collect it at our office. We will be happy to show and explain to you the new features.
Elli introduces the new Colours Collection finishes, a choice of veneered woods to be combined with a completely renewed palette of lacquered finishes, available in matt, open-pore matt, and lacquered glass finishes.
New metallic finishes and new glasses with a reflective effect are now available.
Fabrics and leathers are selected to be easily combined with wood and lacquered finishes in the customization of chairs, armchairs and beds.
Beyond getting high quality materials and finishes, you can choose the favorite colours and combinations. You can find out the new finishes in the specific section of the website.

By clicking on the following link, you can download and preview the catalog in Pdf format.

› Browse the new catalog “Finiture – Colours Collection”