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Italian design manufacturer since 1957

Over 65 years of experience

Elli designs and manufactures furniture with an elegant and timeless design. The company’s success arises from its long history, experience, and culture of know-how. Rooted in the Brianza area since its foundation in 1957, it is today considered one of the leading players in the “Made in Italy” furniture scene. At the base of every single product there is a design idea that combines functionality and stylistic expression, so that utility and aesthetics are translated into concrete works. The art of know-how is expressed in the living area and in the sleeping area through complete and versatile systems. Sophisticated finishes and materials together with refined shapes and proportions allow for a constant dialogue that is always coherent with the architectural context.

A leading company

Elli is headquartered and operates in Giussano, near Milan and Monza which are at the core of the “Brianza Mobiliera”, an area world-famous for high-end, top-quality furniture. The wide range of the company’s product offering includes a comprehensive and exhaustive set of furnishing systems and accessories for the whole house: wardrobes, beds, accessories, walk-in closets, living rooms, bookcases, dining tables, desks and children’s bedrooms.

Production flexibility

In addition to standard furniture for home furnishings, living areas, bedrooms, children’s rooms and accessories, Elli applies its know-how in the complementary activity of residential, commercial and office projects. The high production flexibility allows the company to accommodate its clients’ requests by developing, producing and delivering highly customised compositions (differing in terms of number of pieces, finishes, colours, materials) on a daily basis with maximum reliability and short delivery times. 

Italian heart

The first activity concerns the selection and processing of raw materials, such as the solid wood which is of 100% Italian origin, to manufacture semi-finished goods for the production of high-end furniture. The production cycle is entirely carried at the headquarters and starts with the preparation of timber and veneers to then include the creation of honeycomb panels and all the other phases such as finishing and assembly, the control of the complete product, till the packaging of the final product. Elli is not only cutting-edge systems and machinery, excellent materials but also Italian passion, emotions and heart. The firm treasures its vast know-how, human skills, traditional best practices and hidden secrets which had been handed down from father to son and preserved across the company’s history. Since the foundation in 1957, people have been at the very core of the company, with every worker sharing the company values with a strong sense of belonging to the community thorughout their career path. Such a well-rounded knowledge and deep experience make Elli’s production very agile and ready to satisfy every single project and request from the customer while keeping the highest standards of quality.

Factory and lab

The company has a comprehensive and efficient production cycle, which takes place in the Giussano headquarters, 28 km north of Milan, on a covered area of 30,000 square meters. The different buildings are strategically gathered together to maximize process efficiency. It is a truly concrete, hands-on company, focused on designing and manufacturing high quality funiture, driven by one single true motivation: passion. Elli keeps evolving and regularly comes up with highly customised and unique product lines which best suit its own production cycle. The last wing added to the company premises was built in 2022 to house an automated machine which further increases the product offering’s flexibility with melaminic finishes and new surfaces. Furthermore, Elli has made a huge effort in the recent years to operate with a very low environmentally impact thanks to specific programs in every production step and photovoltaic panels installed at the HQ. Lastly, Elli can safely rely on each of its carefully selected stakeholders with which it shares values and a long-standing relationship. 

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