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Italian design manufacturer since 1957

Uncompromising quality

Elli furniture has always been designed and manufactured without compromising on quality. The pride of the collection are the iconic modular systems, built with honeycomb wood panels with the supporting frame in real solid wood. They are produced by experienced operators directly within the headquarters in Brianza. The material used is the spruce from the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme (Italy), a long-established institution that manages, correctly exploits and mantains not only the immense forest heritage of the valley but also its traditions and cultural identity. Val di Fiemme Spruce is a top quality material with unique characteristics, an exceptionally high modulus of elasticity and low specific weight.

A first-class product

Elli has always focused on the search for the long life and quality thus it focuses on keeping products in line with the lifestyle trends, as well as ethical and technical sustainability. The main products are about the sleeping areas and living areas and include wardrobes, beds, bookcases, wardrobes, tables, chairs and accessories. The structures of cabinets and bookcases stay robust and solid over time thanks to their honeycomb parts, that is, with screws that bite into solid wood. In addition, the wood of the structures is solid wood from certified forests, managed in an ecologically sustainable way (M.C.F.). On the other hand, the melaminic panels are also of top quality, with wood that comes from forests certified according to the most stringent standards. The wide creative proposal by Elli follows the idea of a “comfortable home” with tones and stylistic components that match the one with the other. The extraordinary modularity of the versatile systems offers different aesthetics and a wide range of proposals, suitable for every architectural situation and every taste.


True design must combine the concepts of aesthetics, luxury and sustainability for an “eternal” product which is first of all robust and long-lasting. In a world that is currently living a consumerist crisis where several consumers often prefer disposable, one-time products over those with a longer life cycle, Elli designs and produces long-lasting and iconic furniture that doesn’t look old in a couple of years. Every material that is selected by Elli must not only satisfy quality and aesthetic requirements, but it must also have a positive footprint in terms of ethics, ecology, culture and social responsibility. Elli looks into the future, implements meaningful changes for a rational use of raw materials, and extends the life of its products: the true ecology is anti-consumerism.

Corporate social responsibility 

Elli firmly believes that social responsibility, care of the environment and sustainable development are not only fundamental ethical values but also what makes the company and all its stakeholders proud. Elli has always been very aware of its leading role in the care of the environment and its community. In line with this principle, the company satisfies the needs of its people by ameliorating their standard of living both inside and outside the company premises. Elli holds an active role in the growth of local cultural associations, sport societies and NGOs through sponsorships. 

Authentic Made in Italy know-how 

Elli’s supply chain is purposefully kept as short as possible, with most of the suppliers being physically located in Brianza. Elli invests locally and strongly believes in the profound experience and professionalism of internal and external collaborators. This guarantees overall higher quality given by better control of the final quality, of the intermediate phases of the production chain, and a stricter traceability of the product. Elli preserves memories and secrets, handing down the know-how made in Brianza by having a complete and comprehensive manufacturing plant able to house every stage of the production process. The whole production therefore takes place in Italy, a country globally known for its stringent regulations on environmental and labor protection. Elli proudly complies with the highest standards and perpetuates generational traditions creating Made in Italy artisan excellence.

Outstanding quality

Elli is renowned for high quality and it offers furnishing systems that satisfy every taste! The firm doesn’t only monitor market trends but it also pays close attention to new trends and includes them in the product offering. Elli also achieves success thanks to improved reliability, lightness and rational use of materials. Elli has continuously tested, improved and adopted green systems, such as water-based finishing techniques, and solvent-free acrylic finishing. The special attention to the environment is also visible in the choice of spruce coming from certified forests (M.C.F.). Most of the solid wood used in the honeycomb structure comes from Magnifica Comunità Val di Fiemme, which is also where the wood of the famous violins by Stradivarius come from. 

Extraordinary reliability

The company has always been aimed at designing solutions suitable for the needs of every customer, and the R&D department pursues quality in shapes, style and an extended lifecycle. Reliability means prioritizing quality, design, top materials, processes and technologies in order to manufacture only the best long-lasting products. Following Elli’s credo, aesthetic features and functionality are designed to be “timeless” too. Such an approach allows Elli to deliver products that are truly durable, with a life cycle that extends beyond temporary and consumeristic trends. 

Emotional design

Constant market research on new trends allows Elli to develop products with innovative aesthetics and the latest technological features. Nowadays, top notch design furniture doesn’t only deal with style and tailor-made products but first of all satisfying the needs and taste of each and every customer. The company product offering consists of complete furnishing systems: living and sleeping areas, dining areas, master and kids’ bedrooms and walk-in closets. Elli manufactures tailor-made solutions that dress every room of the house and satisfy all the needs thanks to the vast range of compositions, sizes, materials, finishes and colors available. Such a high degree of customization, together with the deep expertise of Elli’s collaborators, allow the company to lead the way. 

Care of our planet

Social and environmental awareness has always been one of the core values of the company since its foundation. Therefore, Elli has favored philosophies and methods that protect the environment and promote sustainable development. Firstly, it prefers raw materials acquired from certified companies, managed in an ecologically sustainable way. Such responsible awareness often anticipates regulatory directives as Elli strongly benefits from its close ties with the stakeholders thus is able to implement the industry innovations as soon as they’re available. 

Auxiliary systems and integrated services

Choosing certified materials and designing products with a long life-cycle is not enough. Since 2020, Elli partially powers its plant with a modern photovoltaic system installed on the roofs of the headquarters in Giussano. Renewable energy and cutting-edge technologies allow Elli to further decrease its environmental footprint, with tangible benefits to both our Planet and the final consumer. Part of this strategy is also the modern vacuuming and filtering system that automatically collects sawdust and chips and conveys them to the storage silos. It serves to keep every production phase clean and hygienically safe: working with order and cleanliness is a fundamental factor to manufacture high quality and perfectly finished products. The thermal power plant rationalizes the use of clean fuels (methane, biomass) and optimizes their calorific value: other than heating the company buildings, it produces hot water for technical processes such as drying panels in the painting phase and for specific machinery like gluing presses. Other than saving electricity, it further strengthens the circularity of Elli’s production system that also features an advanced waste management system. 

Scelte di qualità

Elli strongly supports sustainable planning and has always followed a design approach that combines technological innovation with attention to resources and the environment: for all the honeycomb structures, the solid spruce comes from forests certified as managed in an ecologically sustainable way (M.C.F.). 

Other than class E1 panels, Elli uses panels with minimal emissions in composite ecowood from certified crops and also panels without formaldehyde content and emission (Livingboard P5 FIXM). For the past years, Elli has also been using for most of its products specific glues with a low temperature cycle and natural components such as rice flour and water. 

In the finishing phase, Elli adopts several approaches to further limit its environmental footprint. First, it uses solvent-free uv acrylic finishes, uv water-based finishes and low environmental impact techniques. Secondly, Elli only selects finishes without heavy metals and solvents classified in class I and II according to DPR 203/88. Furthermore, Elli does not use wood from protected exotic forests.

The packaging is simplified and without waste: it is designed without the use of glues to facilitate separation, recovery and recycling of the different materials. The unique light weight of the honeycomb structures allows a further reduction in waste of packaging of 35%-40% compared to other systems.

Elli is riding the digitalization wave with an advanced electronic project management system which avoids printing more than 300,000 papers per year. Moreover, an awareness campaign has been launched to further reduce the number of printed emails. 

Lastly, all the catalogues and promotional materials are printed on paper sourced from certified forests that comply with the strictest environmental and social regulations. 

Elli Green Passion

In 2021 Elli has launched “Green passion”: a new claim to raise awareness of the company’s efforts to preserve our Planet. The company carefully selects its stakeholders in order to include the perspectives of them and satisfy their needs accordingly. Elli selects its suppliers very rigorously, paying a lot of attention to their integrity and environmental footprint. The company only cooperates with those suppliers that share the company values such as high quality, durability and sustainability. Moreover, Elli opts for long-term partnerships with well-established key market players. All these efforts have two main goals: to keep the supply chain as short as possible and to have a clear and strategic value chain. 

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