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The company’s traditions date back to early 1900’s, to artisan and industrial former experiences of the family Elli. As evolution of the original artisan’s works the company is established in 1957 by the three brothers Tarcisio, Alfredo and Enrico, sons of Luigi.
In the 60’s the factory soon develops to industrial dimensions, thanks to the advanced ideas and the assiduous efforts of the three founding brothers. In the 70’s their hard work and passion for innovations industrializes the very first modular system for tamburato wardrobes, which can so reach utmost quality levels and reliability. The evolution of the quality of Elli’s programs brings to the wide production of its own tamburato system (Ta.Pro.Lite 50), also with steady pre edged massive perimetric sides. These qualities will reveal the true secret and peculiarity of the success of its bedrooms and wardrobes.


Meanwhile the founders’ sons, the second generation relatives, gradually become part of the firm. The sons of the founders bring it to a wider dimension. They ensure a new kind of organization by bringing their experiences and aspiration, and soon set up a new approach to productive efficiency, commercial service and personalized products.
In the 80’s and 90’s Elli launches a special system of furniture for children and for living room, such as new complements, models and new technical evolutions: the innovation is that the high quality of tamburato and other work systems is extended to the whole house rooms. In the 90’s particular attention is given to the developments and use of clean finishings to improve work conditions and quality in products.


The familiar traditions and company’s know-how originate from the long company history in Italian design furniture, made of a profitable cooperation, contact and competition with the main characters of the field, that means the best protagonists and competitors of Italian and world design. The family has always been involved in the firm’s activities with a particular attitude to innovation, pioneering technology and design, always in the search of setting new standards. Its certain believe is that the choice of the best components materials, partners and suppliers are only the first step to reach top quality: in facts to achieve winning solution in a competitive market, a society must be skilfully guided with the true zeal and efficiency that can be given only by the direct presence and operational readiness of the owner family components’ historic experience. The goal is to ensure that Elli will go on in the future keeping its agile, slim dimension and improving its good organization, making it the expression of persons whose relationships with the company are never taken apart from their own lives and families and personal passions.