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Social-environmental awareness is an essential factor for the society’s entrepreneurial mission. So Delo, fully aware of its social function, has consequently supported ideas and adopted methods, taking care of environment, to improve a really sustainable development, first of all by choosing, when available, raw materials supplied by societies certified FSC, as managed in an ecologically sustainable way. And it is just by these concrete choices, personally taken, that the firm shows its will to safeguarding and respecting the surrounding country, and to become a live point of reference and example to contribute to improving the social contest where it operates.
This sense of responsible awareness goes frontward and sometimes foresees standard or economic aspects, aiming to understand the needs of the people surrounding it, thanks to good relationships and agreements of the firm with different cooperators, technical and institutional characters of its own area.


Delo gives importance to sustainable design projects and has developed in the years, a project approach that conceals technological innovation, attention to resources and environment. For
– Delo employs in all tamburato structures, fir coming from forests that are certified as managed in an ecologically sustainable way, either according to FSC (M.C.F.) normative, and to PEFC (M.C.F.) normative.
– Delo has always rationalized the employ of raw materials by mainly manufacturing drum “tamburato” panels, which involve less wastes and above all very long lastingness in the time of products: in facts true ecology is anti consumerism.
-Apart from E1 class panels, Delo looks forward and has already begun employing also minimum emissions eco particle composite panels coming from cultivations certified FSC, and also panels without contents and emissions of formaldehyde (Livingboard P5 FIXM – P4 FSC – PEFC)
– Delo employs since years and for the most important part of products, also kinds of glue with low temperature cycle, and with natural components like rice powder and water.
– Delo employs for the main part of products uv acrylic finishes without solvents, uv water finish and pe low impact techniques.
– Delo employs finishes without heavy metals and without solvents defined I and II class according to DPR 203/88
– Delo does not employ wood coming from exotic protected forests
– Packages are simplified, and are projected without employ of glues to facilitate separation, dismissing, and recycling of the same; the low weight of products allows to reduce packaging waste up to another 35%-40% compared with other systems.
– Delo has developed a system of electronic managing of projects and paper technical materials that allows to spare about 300.000 paper sheets every year (thanks to an internal rational management, to the simultaneous access to each document of more people, and simplified bureaucratic steps)
– The most recent photographic prints have been already produced with raw material coming from forests or suppliers certified as managed in a responsible environmentally sustainable way.


Elli “Green Passion” prefers environmentally conscious supply chains and suppliers and wood certified according to the best known international regulations, as produced in forests managed in an ecologically sustainable manner. These are mainly suppliers who follow well-known independent, no-profit and no-governmental international organizations, founded to promote responsible management of the world’s forest heritage. They are references today recognized by the most famous and large NGOs, and by various environmental and social groups. Elli aims to ensure compliance with strict environmental, social and economic criteria along the entire production chain. The basic principles and criteria of reference describe how forests must be managed to meet the socio-economic, ecological and spiritual needs of present and future generations. They include both managerial aspects as well as social and environmental requirements.
They include managerial aspects as well as environmental and social requirements. The global forest area certified is growing worldwide, accompanied by strong growth in the certified supply chain. Among its member there are first process and transformation factories of woodworking sector, apart from environmental and social groups that co-operate in improving sustainable management of worldwide forests. An ulterior well known process to check and verify the forest production chain, and brings to the emission of a certification that secures that forestal management in all its steps follows specific requirements of sustainability. Request Elli “Green Passion” certification, with the list of the best certified suppliers, a guarantee of responsible and environmentally friendly choices. Choosing a good piece of furniture means choosing a better future.