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The brand Delo is famous for high quality and excellence in products, and offers furnishing systems suitable for the most modern tastes, by keeping monitoring the market’s trends, and interpreting and forwarding the new born fashions. This isn’t yet enough. Delo surprises for exclusive features and unique choices Delo achieves true success by improving durability, lightness of products, rational use of materials, so far as taking care of ecology and respect for the environment.
In fact Delo has tested improved and adopted clean working systems, such as water finishing, acrylic finishing techniques without solvents and extended their use to the most important parts of the products. Special care for environment is seen also in the choice of fir coming from forest (M.C.F) with F.S.C. and P.E.F.C. certification as managed in an ecologically sustainable way. Real quality must be even where you can’t see it. Delo starts in advantage as also contains the best basis components, traditions, project concepts and know-how: what does the high quality of the famous Stradivari violins teach us?


Design has always been a passion for Delo’s project staff. Their efforts are always looking for defining proposals suiting the customer’s need, and their stylistic study looks for quality in shapes, style and long lastingness of products.
The company’s main philosophy aims to offer “exclusive and reliable products”. Reliability means looking for quality, design, good materials and processing, research and technology, intended to be really long lasting from all points of view. The ideal serial product not only aims to maximizing the level of quality with materials and technical way of production without compromises.
According to Delo’s philosophy even aesthetic shapes and functionality are designed and projected to be “without time”. Objects manufactured with such forms and ideas can so be considered products really durable over periodic short-lived fashions.


Market research in contemporary living trends and fashion innovations, always guide the adoption of innovative aesthetics, just as the severe tests of product quality and reliability. Nowadays design furnishing does really mean expressing a style, dressing a room, each time in a personalized way: Delo’s production lines are developed like fashion creations which are all able to satisfy any need and taste. They consist of complete furniture systems, shaped with particular attention to the day area and the night area, with specialized proposals of dining-rooms, bedrooms for adults and young people, side units, wardrobes and bookshelves, but also suitable for hotels and office. Delo works like a personal tailor able to “dress and excite” suiting each different taste and style, thanks to different solutions and choices of composition, dimensions, materials, finishing and colours available. These special solutions and personalized peculiarities, the dynamism and the contribute of the several professional people working with the company, make Delo one the most lively Italian character in this field, as well as an international point of reference for technology, production and design.