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Delo’s working units and organization are planned to reveal and exalt craftsman skilfulness and high level in products, quality values particularly appreciated by the true competence of customers. This is certified by the success of the products and is confirmed by market researches and precedent data.
The main activity of the company is carried out in competitive areas where customers are particularly careful of quality, customised pieces and punctuality in delivery. The commercial inclusion of the company in the furniture field is unique and specific: in general, it stakes on the notoriety among specialized operators, and aims to avoid advertisements on massmedia, just as in fairs, shows and exhibitions.


Beyond the homogenous repetitive furniture composition, mainly manufactured with standard models for house furnishing (day area, night area, children room, complements) Delo also uses its know-how and plants in the complementary activity of contract, repetitive furniture for large residential, office and commercial projects. The request of pieces of furniture that are completely different one another, even if they are inside standard models, is the typical characteristic of the Italian market. Therefore, every day, the company is able to develop, produce and deliver furniture compositions which can be different each other (for instance, in the model, number of pieces, finishing colours, measures) in maximum quality, reliability and reasonably short delivery times.


The company has been worldwide involved in realizations of the highest standard, both with its high quality standard serial production and also with particular products, studied, projected and manufactured on purpose or to measure, according to the customer’s specifications.
Among the recent works in the last years, Delo has produced some hundreds of bedroom furniture, wardrobes for Far East, many hotels or residential rooms furnishings all over the world, mainly in Italy and Europe (tenths or hundreds of pieces each time, and also some other indirectly), residential villas, and furnishing supplies for hotel offices, libraries and students rooms.