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The company Elli F.lli has operating bases and industrial settlements in Giussano, nearby Milan and Monza, in the middle of the “Brianza mobiliera”, where it carries out the planning and the production of wood-made furniture. The company is the successful result of the long history, the experiences, the hard work and the best ideas of its staff, and is nowadays a leading player of the “Made in Italy” on the worldwide furniture panorama. The production of the company proposes a wide range of options, including furnishing systems and accessories for the whole house: bookcases, shelves, beds, wardrobes, children rooms, dining and desk tables and complements.


Regarding its sales network Elli relies only on specialized and authorized customers: Elli wants to be sure that its products do satisfy the final user the best way. Elli official dealers, are highly professional and expert, give a really complete service: inspection of the site, measuring, projecting the compositions judged most suitable to the considered room, recommending the finishes, colours, fashion tastes, more fitting to the architectonic situation. They also take care of the set up of cuts to measure, closing bands, eventual safety fixing to the walls; finally they follow each step of the final deliver, taking extremely responsible care, thanks to their skillfulness, experience, precision and liability. They are also positive actors of the efficient after market assistance.


The company has always believed in the search for long durability and quality in furniture by upgrading its products in keeping the pace with all what is excellent in present-day lifestyle trends, sustainability ethics and techniques. The core products furnish night rooms, living rooms and children rooms; they consist of wardrobes, beds, book-cases, cabinets, tables, chairs and complements. The inside structural parts of wardrobes and book-cases are strong and long lasting because they are projected again like upon a time, with “tamburato” structures, that means hinges screws working within massive wood. In addition, the wood inside the structures is massive fir coming from forests certified as managed in eco sustainable way (M.C.F.- F.S.C. – P.E.F.C.).
Elli’s wide creation range, carries with it the design idea of a “comfortable house” with stylistically well-matched component parts. The extraordinary modularity of Elli’s versatile systems offers different styles and large-scale proposals suitable to each architectural situation and tastes. Elli in facts uses its know-how and plants in the complementary activity of contract, for large residential and commercial projects. The company has been worldwide involved in realizations of the highest standard, like about hundreds of bed-room furniture, wardrobes and furnishing supplies for hotels, offices, libraries and students rooms.


Elli does not just produce designer furniture and carefully choose certified materials or woods.
The search for quality and the “Green Passion” push us to make use of cutting-edge technologies and systems both in the production phases and in auxiliary services.
Among the accessory systems, the modern suction and filtering system is worth mentioning, which automatically collects sawdust and shavings and conveys them to the storage silos. It is used to keep every production phase clean and hygienically safe: working with the utmost cleanliness and order is a fundamental factor in obtaining quality and perfection of finish. The thermal power plant rationalizes the use of clean fuels (methane, biomass) and optimizes their caloric yield: in addition to heating the company buildings, it produces hot water for technical processes such as for gluing presses and for some panel drying batteries. in painting, ensuring real energy recovery, saving electricity and avoiding the consumption of fuel oils.
Elli confirms her attention to the environment and becomes more and more “Green”. This is demonstrated by the recent installation of a modern photovoltaic panel energy production system on the roofs of its industrial buildings in Giussano (MB). Even the choices of these auxiliary systems reveal care, passion and attention to the environment. The use of energy generated from renewable sources with zero emissions helps to reduce air pollution, promotes environmental sustainability and energy saving with benefits for the environment, for the product and for the final consumer. With the link below you can view the energy produced with zero impact by Elli and the CO2 emissions saved.