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Design has to gather concepts of aesthetics, luxury and sustainability to obtain an “eternal” product both for durability and for style.
Against this world full of unconscious and mass consumerism like “throwaway”, Delo supports a kind of long lasting product and design definable “ethicological”: the choice of processes and materials to be used in its projects in no longer, a mere question of aesthetics or functionality, but nowadays concerns aspects of ethical, ecological, cultural and social responsibility.
Delo looks ahead to empower positive changes to achieve rational use of materials, to promote long lastingness in products, to preserve the precious material used: real ecology is indeed anti consumerism.


Delo firmly believes that social responsibility, the care for environment, the aim to eco sustainable evolution are not only important ethic values, but also well recognized core basis of the company’ s success and of every future economic improvement. The company has always taken care for the environment and the communities, people, with which they live.
According to this concept, Delo tries to define and answer to the needs of its community by many ideas set up to obtain better condition of life both inside and outside of the company. In addition, the company has supported the growth of cultural associations, research and social organizations, through sponsoring or direct helps; it constantly provides its sustain to sports activities, cultural initiatives and social events.


For this reason Delo invests in its factory, in its organization and in the surrounding country, bringing inside them new production processes, both traditional and innovative, and believes in the high experience and know-how of all its collaborators.
This fact also secures a better quality control in each productive step of the chain and as well a quick reconstruction of each products fabrication. Keeping alive ancient memories and secrets of Brianza’s know-how, investing in local headquarters also mean keeping securing quality and respect of rules, apart from keeping alive the ancient traditions that are creators of Made in Italy’s craftsman excellences. It’s a hand given to territory and traditions, really important aspects of true Made in Italy.
All the production phases are made in Italy, without delocalization of any part of the productive process in countries where laws take less care for environment and workers. Even regarding the higher specific contents of work hours per panel the manufacture of tamburato panels, indeed really of more complex construction, works out positive aspect from the local social – occupational point of view.