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The firm owns a complete and efficient production cycle, that is carried out in the main operational unit in Giussano, nearby Monza, 28 km north of Milan, on the whole covered area of more than 25.000 square meters.
The different head-quarters buildings find strategically together to maximize the efficiency of manufacturing process. It’s a concrete society, really taking care of products, and guided by the true motivation that is passion. It’s always surprising, and evolving in many product lines and non conventional proposals. The recent construction unit building, is going to increase the productive power, improve low impact technologies, and allow to solve critic situations of higher volumes and faster delivering. The factory improves the factory.


The core business deals with woodwork activity, the production of pieces of furniture of top level quality, sided by aluminium and glass components. The cycle includes as well as the first preparation of wood and veneer components, the construction of honeycomb panels and all other production stages, including finishing and assembly, the checkout of the completed product, which is packaged ready to be delivered. Vanguard machineries and plants, excellent materials and technologies are not yet enough. Delo has more than expected. Delo means more. Delo is Italian art and passion. Delo is full know-how, human skills, expertise traditions, ancient principles, hidden secrets inherited from father to son, history and passion capable to give a living spirit to the highest technology, aimed to satisfy every different project and request by their customers in a unique way. That’s “My Way”.


The core products hide multiple quality secrets… but not all can be seen…
– Tamburato Ta.Pro.Lite 50: long lastingness in time: more than DOUBLE.
– Rigidness of Double Deck System: balanced composition: DOUBLE.
– Quality and tradition: Wood inside and outside. Quality: DOUBLE.
– Braking drawers: 100%. With special braking effect: DOUBLE.
– ”Picea Abies”(M.C.F.)The wood of famous Stradivari violins.
– Lightness flexibility. Quality: DOUBLE.
– Structural fir (M.C.F.) eco sustainable management: certification F.S.C.- P.E.F.C.: DOUBLE.
– Linea Iride with traditional craftsman techniques of wood joint: DOUBLE.
– Full Folding: vanguard work process with 2 corners. Folding: DOUBLE.
– Pre edged perimeter of doors, tops and drawers.
– High stability and adherence: DOUBLE.
– Balanced finishing on both planes for doors and structures. Quality: DOUBLE.
– Hidden drawer with “invisible” opening device. Secret: DOUBLE.
– Height setup for doors and shoulders. Technique: DOUBLE.
– Wood and multilayer sides for drawers outside and inside: Quality: DOUBLE.
And where can you see all other secrets? Can you touch them? Can you feel them?…